11 Useful podcast marketing tips for forward-thinking organisations that want to be different 

Blogs and video content for business are great but demand all of our attention. Podcasts, on the other hand, allow us to listen and learn while being productive and hence why podcast listeners are most likely weaving through traffic or opening a jar of pesto as the pasta bubbles away while they listen. Welcome to the golden age of podcasts!

The great thing about podcasts is that we don’t have to plan our life around them. They move with us.


“Though blood is thicker than water, a brand needs the involvement and contribution of many to be successful”

The Grid: Talking about creating a brand out of a family business and creating a family out of branding a business, could you share with us, what’s different about building a brand for a family? What are the pitfalls to avoid?

Edward Leaman: What is different about building a brand for a family business is the level of emotional investment the brand has. In a family business one is dealing with family dynamics, and this brings up the relationships between the family members, which have already been created over the years. And so a brand is being built already on the foundations of legacy and heritage, and there is often a great deal of unsaid or unspoken language and behavior in play which can play out well or not so well in the business.


February 3, 2015

Raw Brand Risk and Reward

“There is appetite now from more customers for uniqueness”

The Grid talks to Asil Attar, CEO, Lead Associates to discuss new fashion brands entering markets in the Middle East.

The Grid: Thank you for speaking at our event ‘New Market Entry, which prompted lots of questions by the audience, particularly about bringing original or ‘raw’ brands to the Middle East instead of the usual ‘tried and tested’ ones that have immediate market recognition. How careful do you need to be in bringing raw brands into Middle East markets?

Asil Attar: For me,  I come from a place where I scout talent and I’m always looking for the next best thing. In a market like this, because it’s growing, it’s new; you need to be very careful. If you go too soon with a very raw brand that might do great in LA but not necessarily have the traction, there is a risk involved.