Event Overview:

IP Protection for Startups & Investors: Everyone has a plan until they get hit.

Investors don’t just look for novelty and equity, they look for sound investments, carrying out due diligence and assessing the factors that will contribute to the likely success of a business. They want to see that the right thought and preparation is in place; intellectual property rights, strategy and application giving the startup the freedom to operate and the ability to scale.

We talked NDA’s, patents, design creation process, brand management and protection across industries.



Melissa Murray
Partner, Bird & Bird

Moussa Beidas
Founder, Bridg

Michele Grosso
Founder & CEO, Democrance

Ahmad Al-Hidiq
Co-Founder & CEO, HeyDoc

Mohamed Ali
Founder & CEO, Ngageu

Sponsors: Bird & Bird, The Cribb


Date: Feb 6, 2017