“Fundamentally young employees want to work with good leaders. This is where the best organization focus their efforts”

The Grid: Ok, technically speaking, a ‘millennial’, otherwise known as ‘Generation Y’, is someone born between 1981 and 1997 (at the time of this article, a millennial is between 20 and 36 years old). In the advertising industry, any talent acquisition strategy would feature Millennials, no doubt. Do the usual traits assigned to this generation, i.e., lazy, entitled and opportunistic, ring true in your experience?

Nick Seruwagi: Having worked in HR outside of the advertising industry, I know you don’t need to be a Millennial to be lazy, entitled and opportunistic. These traits are visible across any multi generation within any organization. However, our current Millennials do get the most stick for it. I would be lying if I said it didn’t ring true in some instances but there are many proactive,  ambitious and hard working millennials as well. We see this in the growing number of young entrepreneurs across the region.


” Millennials are bright and quick and know that Google is your friend”

The Grid: As a millennial who runs a network for millennials, tell us; does culture or tradition play a role in your working lives today, how you make/sustain relationships or identify/achieve objectives? Does this differ much, do you think, when it comes to the millennial expat i.e. those outside their home country?

Sunny Jaswal: Millennials tend to have a culture that is unique to our generation. This culture allows us to communicate with one another in a casual fashion. This culture of casual conversation translates into every aspect of a millennial’s life, even as expats. (more…)