Three likes: Licorice, snowy owls and people who quote me.

Three dislikes: Untangling coat hangers, peeling plastic off CD’s and people who insist on shouting over music when I can’t hear them.

A place you want to return to one day: Mashiko, Japan.

How did you get involved in The Grid: I founded the company after thinking about how ‘actionable’ information, i.e. market intel and real stories based on practical experience in business, helped me in my career. I wanted to help professionals by providing the same kind of information through events, video and other content. I also strongly believe that organisations should focus more on building loyalty through content instead of sales pitches. Finally, I would like to give credit to my nephew, Alex, for coming up with the name.

What do you do at The Grid: Mostly originating business, research, curating content and managing the team and logistics.